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    Miami was PUMPING

    Wow, that does look heavy! Nice pics
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    Different strains....

    This thread has turned pretty epic! I have a black thumb and don't grow nothing, but I love reading about it and seeing all your pics :love:
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    Woman shoots dog.

    Seriously, what am I missing about this situation? Why is it not gross? Not trolling. Honest question and I'm open to listen.
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    Woman shoots dog.

    She was going out on a "solo predator hunt". Why? Do these predators need culled? Why would anyone possibly hunt a black bear or wolves? I'm just confused. People are gross.
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    Different strains....

    I smoked some CBD only flower. Felt nothing. It was weird
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    One Incredible Woman's Life........Cougar Annie

    Wow, what a story! :applause2:
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    2023 WSL Schedule

    While I enjoyed the finals day format, I REALLY don't like just one spot deciding the title. They should do a 3 spot finals series. (one day at each) 1. Trestles 2. Tahiti 3. Raglan or France or Namibia or something. I'd love to see Puerto Escondido on there, but it seems the sets don't really...
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    Laird n Paddy

    Saw that. Was wondering what he has to talk about in front of a crowd :shrug:
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    No. Why would anyone? Looks like a rare area for major ground swell, and the bathymetry looks pretty flawed. That straight outer sand bar extends horizontally for hundreds of miles, so any of the few nice looking coves are rendered useless. Unless I'm missing something here. :shrug:
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    Holy fvvk, they are huge! Those dorsal fins are taller than the people in their boats! Amazing creatures. I'd love to see one really up close. I'd probably crap my pants, but it would be worth it (if it didn't eat me)
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    Where did afoaf go?

    IMO, it was both.
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    *** Official Rip Curl WSL Finals Thread ***

    After Teahupuu, he was still number 1. So, even if the finals day never happened, he was still number 1. For fvcks sake, how many time do I need to post this..... I'm not saying he's a XXL charger, but saying he didn't go is just plain wrong.
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    Speaking of surf schools and mental health….

    Fixed it for you :shrug:
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    Speaking of surf schools and mental health….

    Wow, missed that before. WTF?
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    Speaking of surf schools and mental health….

    Source? Latest I see is an article from People that has no new info :shrug: