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    What do you keep in your car?

    Way, way too much crap. My list looks like SrPatos list...... except like 3 times as long......
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    New pump track in LA

    At 43 y/o, skateboarding doesn't tempt me in the least anymore..... except for a pump track.
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    New pump track in LA

    That pump track looks really fun!
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    Jbay/South Africa incredible swell of a lifetime footage

    Stu on swellnet has a great write up about the swell and why it acted in the way it did (with tsunami/surge qualities) Also some interesting videos of waves breaching coastal towns. Definitely not your run-of-the-mill swell event...
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    The Random Photo Thread - The Sequel

    Wow! The topography and geology there is just amazing!
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    ***2023 Hurricane Season Thread***

    Fck y'all are scoring! Super jelly, but stocked for you :waving:
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    wsl 2024 schedule

    I really like this idea. with 4 or 6 man heats, someone can make a single mistake and still be able to come back. Man on man, not so much. I'd say semi's should be man on man too, though.
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    wsl 2024 schedule

    I get what you're saying, and agree wave-quality wise, but Portugal has the same wind issue as Lowers. Almost every afternoon heat (ie: the final) is blown out there.
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    wsl 2024 schedule

    Pretty darn good schedule. Except for the finals at windy afternoon Lowers. yuck.
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    ***Official Surf City El Salvador Longboard Classic***

    For me, watching longboarding is like watching a single camera wide shot porn of a dark room. Sure, if I'm there in person, it's gonna be a really great time, but I'd never watch it... YMMV
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    Mental Health thread

    Butterfly? looks like it. Spread looks legit! I will show up at any cookout you throw :beer:
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    Impossible Surf Shack in Pacifica

    That is absolutely insane! I'm severely impressed that thing is standing. The fact that it's 3 stories and is holding it's own weight shows this person, at lease to some extent, knows what they are doing. Looks like thousands and thousands of lbs of wood and materials, all expertly balanced...