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    Midget Smith Fish For Sale (Santa Barbara)

    You ordered a Midget Smith in 2018? From who?
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    The Craigslist Thread

    parabolic blanks? IDK, you don't see too many anymore. Clark closed, Firewire blew up, everyone seemed curious to capitalize on the "flex/torsion" of parabolic stringers. I never got one.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Man. Everyone was jumping on the parabolic look back then.
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    The Craigslist Thread

    Happy to see that this thread works again. Ever since the redesign it kept sending me to page 1 instead of the most current page.
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    10 Myths About Lower Back Pain (LBP)

    Gotcha. I'll take "feeling better" right now. Real Quick. Sans drugs that keep me from working. I'll move to cures later.
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    10 Myths About Lower Back Pain (LBP)

    It seems that there are 2 camps. Pardon my butchering of terminology, but here goes: 1)Pain Management/Reduction: This is when people are in acute pain and want that pain to subside. The pain makes it difficult or seemingly impossible to move freely (IE, me. today). 2)Rehabilitation: This is...
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    Best Booties for 10 1/2 shoe size

    I 'm a 10.5. I wear Rip Curl Round Toes. Split Toes were unusable for me and I gave them away.
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    Am I an Arsehole for having a fire in the fireplace in 2020?

    yep. same idea for cities....
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    Am I an Arsehole for having a fire in the fireplace in 2020?

    No burn days here are for fire danger in the summer and days when, because of the weather, smoke will settle near where it is burned and will be aggravating sensitive groups, smog, etc..
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    10 Myths About Lower Back Pain (LBP)

    Twas a twist of irony last night when my back spazzed out while I literally rolled out my yoga mat for a yoga class. I hurt my back in September. Ive been letting it heal up, hit it with anti-inflams to get the swelling down. I was able to start moving a bit freer. Body weight exercises...
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    Aleutian Juice MPegg

    How big are you Win-Win? Depending on the flow of foam, this could be a touch small, or just right.
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    Have you ever surfed in a contest?

    Not a bad call at all. Rincon Classic is a fun event and they typically score. Advice? Don't miss your heat. Get good waves. Have fun. You paid to clear the water, not for scores.
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    Pterygium - Surfer's Eye

    Apparently mine is just pinguecula because it has not impacted the iris. I've asked my doctor and she says I'm good. It gets irritated with extra sun/salt/sand exposure.
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    Watch out! Cyclist coming through

    yeah. It all changes when your kid tries to steal a bicycle and gets his skull or ribs fractured. Then the mercy train revs up.