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    Legendary surfer/shaper reviews Firewire Surfboards

    Russel 'Rusty' Crowe is a kiwi - don't lump him in with us. Also, he may be sponsored by Firewire.
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    Gut Slider - thoughts?

    Just had it done. Four weeks out of the water - six until weights etc. I rode a krypt mat after shoulder issues and a kneeboard after sepsis. Both were fun in the right conditions. I surf with a guy who rides paipos and mats exclusively after double hip replacement. He fugging rips on them and...
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    Swaylocks ........ Done?

    There were also a lot of crazies. Go read some of the McCoy threads...I hope they archive those.
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    The Great Unbiased Wetsuit Review Thread

    That's a shame about the need. Mine has died after three seasons. Where'd you get the isurus in OZ?
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    ***The Official Royjimmytour vs cstreet and whoever else thread***

    I'd prefer to see Indatube moderate these banal stoushes in various fast food car parks.
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    S-Wing fins - Can’t remember why I ordered them…

    I have used them as well as retropete and jam71. Mine are the super flexy ones - the green. I use them in my round pin twin and they rock the small waves.
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    Official **Predict** The New Kool-Aid Design

    So the 'intermediate' firewire crew were onto something with their 6'4 evos!
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    Haydn Lewis Toy Bonzer.

    Let me know if you ever get sick of it : )
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    Haydn Lewis Toy Bonzer.

    Was that the one that was one sunburntmess for a while? That looks good!
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    WTB Lovelace V-bowls

    I had one in 2014 - but it was stringerless and I was super paranoid i'd snap it - especially at 7'11. Funnish board, but better mid-lengths for the job. I also like to move around a bit on a mid length and never felt like you could do that on the vbowls - especially the top third. I sold it for...
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    What board would you ride in these waves?

    They'd be great boards for it!
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    What board would you ride in these waves?

    That's my local. I was on the hill watching that last Saturday. Fickle wave. I tend to steer clear of it in those big south swells and wait for the cyclone NE swells of summer. Last June it was bigger and there was a graveyard of boards in the bay ...
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    Kneeboard Design

    Need to get a bloody rusted screw out... once I've done that - I will talk to Greg T.