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    ***Official 2022 Community Surf Journal***

    Surfed twice for the first time in 4 months. Thursday evening glass off. Took the 7'2 Hess Traveler Gun. Rolled into a few mushy outside bar waves. Knee felt OK popping up, dropping in and easing into a bottom turn. Took the 7'4 Son of Cobra Twin today. It was cleaner and lining up nicely. Was...
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    Album Surfboards

    Very tempted by this one. I love quads but never had an asym before .
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    Surf Helmets

    Anyone with experience wearing the soft helmets like DMC offers? I'm intrigued.
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    All about the shapers, this EAST. I appreciate them bringing some new shapers into the STAB fold, too. Brink seems like a magical dude, and I gained a new appreciation for Hayden Cox as a designer.
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    Hess Surfboards

    Film with Danny giving a detailed breakdown of his board building process for the all wood boards:
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    Josh Hall & Breastfeeding

    i don't get the flex comment
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    Anyone interested in going out to Killers/T.S. this winter?

    Casa. What boards are your taking and what's your training regimen?
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    Anyone interested in going out to Killers/T.S. this winter?

    Solo big wave strike mission? Would probably be safer to give Mavs a go, given the crew running professional-level safety for every swell these days
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    WTB: Longboard

    wicked. no leash no problem
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    If being lazy and stupid wasn't enough....regular cannabis usage doubles chances of heart attack.

    Weed is alright. I smoked a lot between 18-22, then took a big break before getting into it again several years later. I've been off and on over the years. If dosed correctly, it helps me relax and focus, especially on creative work. It's also a nice way to chill out and enjoy a record or movie...
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    Firewire cancels FCS

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    Maybe HPSB with five fin boxes is the reason that people find quads finicky. I tried my Ghost as a quad with many different setups and never liked it. My dedicated quads are great in most waves. But a tight, bowly pocket and I'm taking my one remaining thruster or twin.
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    Stab E.A.S.T. with Mick

    K I paid $10 for the month to watch this shizzzz. Episode 1 takeaways: The MOTE/DHD collab looked good in the barrel and sh!t on turns. The Burch/ Simon board looked pretty sh!t too.
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    Body Surging

    I try not to think about it! I swam from China Beach to Deadman's point and back the other day, and it was definitely on my mind. Lot of swimmers do that route daily, though, and no attacks in SF since 1959.