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    Slater in Bali

    Yet you’re not going to tell us? Kook
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    dave parmenter is a surf guru

    I might have to order a board if he’s shaping out of hawaii
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    dave parmenter is a surf guru

    Is he shaping back in Hawaii no?w?
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    Bob McDermott is a nut. Sam Slom was another republican 35,000 people signed up for a COVID test tomorrow on the H3. That is going to be a complete sh!t show
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    You think people with no symptoms are going to go test?
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    What does the surge of testing have to do with flattening the curve? How is testing more people going to flatten the curve?
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    fook I thought that was a joke
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    Waikiki During Quarantine

    That’s Billy Richards in the video too and on the screenshot. Lives Kailua. Nice guy. Used to live down the road from him.
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    Creepiest surf spots

    Couple spots on the east side of oahu that are close to open ocean but on a shallow boil. Creeps me the fcuk out. The surf is really good so it’s hard to pass on
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    what do u people do for a living. wax dryl aruka etc?

    So? It was fun. Don’t pretend like you didn’t have any fun doing it
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    So I bought a PU board...

    What’s the glassing on the Pang boards at surf factory? I’m heavy and the PU boards just seem to get destroyed
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    Pat Curren needs your help

    And you can tell Joe Curren is upset they were not contacted and is not happy about it but trying his best to be graceful. If he wanted to help he should have went to social services
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    Pat Curren needs your help

    Giving that kind of money to people is a recipe for disaster
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    Derek Ho needs your prayers.

    RIP Thanks for repping the 808
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    Surf Equipment Failure Thread

    1500 dollar surfboard shaped and glasses wrong. Became a water logged POS within a few months. Never again will I order anything from shapers like that STRETCH boards all the way for now on