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    Best Fullsuit?

    Question for guys who've tried a bunch of brands - does O'Neill tend to have the longest arm/leg fit in general? In the past that's what I'd found, and it's the reason I've been wearing them pretty much exclusively for years. Any others that are optimized for us talls?
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    Best Fullsuit?

    I have last year's front zip 4/3. Good suit.
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    Pyzalien vs Phantom?

    Agree on this. I liked my Phantom, but its range was way too limited IMO.
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    Tim Stamps - Shaper of the Year

    Anybody qualified to do a GX vs Habanero comparo yet?
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    Best Fullsuit?

    I wasted 10 minutes so you don't have to. TL;DW: For warmth wear a suit that A) fits well, B) has some sort of liner, C) smoothskin. For flex, zipperless, unlined suits are great, but not as warm as others. Go figure. My added editorial: Just wear whatever fits best. It will be warmer and...
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    DHD vs. JS

    I found my JS Monsta 6 to be a pretty balanced HPSB. Would work for just about anybody in the right waves. JS Monstabox really liked a front-foot approach and never felt quite right for my back-foot oriented kookery.
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    Large fins vs. Medium fins for medium sized surfers...@ 130lbs Lakey rides size L, Filipe "always" rides size L @ 155lbs

    Yep, partially alluding to that, but also partially asking for real. I know there are several people here who use fins outside of the templates available on FCS or Futures websites, and I'm wondering if any larger surfers who can either confirm or deny that there's validity to what the smaller...
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    Opening Day at The Wave in Bristol, England

    I'd get bored for sure, but I think the flip side is that I'd be in surf shape for the trips I do get to take. Add to that the fact that inland cities' cost of living is like 1/3 or coastal CA's and our surf seems to be less consistent than ever recently, and I can see the appeal. Not rushing...
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    CA gas prices

    Casa, buddy, I already answered that. You didn't like my answer which is fine. I don't blame anybody for moving to the suburbs, I'm just saying the suburbs wouldn't exist in their current form without interventionist government policy and structural racism. (And yes, this is way off from the...
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    CA gas prices

    LOL life is pretty good. Did I touch a nerve somewhere here? Apologies if I offended you.
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    CA gas prices

    Cookies for you and your parents. Good job!
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    CA gas prices

    Certainly it would be a possibility that I buy an urban dwelling with a little more space. Look man, I get that there are other reasons. But the development of American suburbs was laced with racism from top to bottom. Like I said, you're allowed to disagree.
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    CA gas prices

    I'm saying it's inextricably linked with the other factors and has played a defining role in much of American history. At the macro level, it's there.
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    CA gas prices

    Not at all. It's nearly impossible to separate the race thing from many of the other factors on your list. Especially when you consider that non-white Americans were not given the same opportunity to get that fresh air and that keeping up with the Joneses meant matching their lily-white...