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    Tiger Woods cut out of his roll-over with the ‘jaws of life’ this morning!

    I knew a guy who was skating a contest, ate it and snapped one of the bones in his arm. He was coked up and on some other sh!t. They held him in the hospital and wouldn't put the rods/pins in his arm until he came down off whatever he was on.
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    For you YU fin lovers

    Picked up one of the red sets of YUs. I sold a set of red honeycombs to a good friend a long time ago, thinking I would be able to come up on some more. Took awhile, but I am stoked to finally get another set!
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    Google maps find

    Speaking of seals. Found this one while cruising Google Earth today.
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    What words or adjectives can you use to describe waves? These are the archetypes you would learn about in an academic setting. See the types section on the wiki Page. Go through the descriptions and throw in some lingo like mushburger, fatty roller, drainer, dank nugz etc. You could also look up the...
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    Can we talk about Instagram hos / OnlyFans?

    And to think this guy was doing it for free back in the day!
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    The Skaters of the ERBB

    Hyping on this today.
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    Yesterday in La Jolla...

    It'll get even the best of them.
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    Stupid Tricks

    Peanut butter trick
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    How do these look

    I'm not sure if it was a dud or what the deal was. This was about 5-6 years back. I remember feeling like my other EPS/Epoxy boards at the time were a lot more lively.
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    How do these look

    I had a 5'7" quadfish in this construction that was shaped for the shop I used to work at. Thing was absolutely bulletproof and very light, but at the time I felt like it was kind of rigid/stiff and didn't really like surfing the board in your typical Gulf Coast windslop. I probably should have...