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    Refinance now??

    Just called Owning, guys seem legit. Quoted me 2.375% 30 yr on $505k about 7k in fees or the 2.65% 30 yr no fees. Unreal!
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    Block Island, RI

    I've been and surfed. It's fun on the right swell. PM me for details if you want.
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    ***Official FIRES thread***

    I'm not seeing that any campground in Mammoth has burned. Might have been a typo on someones part
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    soft top delam repair?

    I've repaired a couple soft tops successfully. Use your slice/glue method, but use original gorilla glue, the guys at Catch Surf gave me that advice and it worked great. BTW they repair their boards for free for the life of the board if you bring it to their San Clemente store. Hopefully you...
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    Electric bikes now everywhere. (stimulus check related)

    I have a Super73 S2 (it goes 30+ and is probably on the ragged edge of being a "bicycle") that is really great, my daughter has a Rad Powered on order and I added a Bafang mid drive kit to my wife's cruiser. We haven't really done sh!t this summer and I had to cancel a couple snowboard trips, so...
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    Summer 2020 what are you drinking thread

    We have a sodastream and usually get our refills at Bed Bath Beyond (they usually have a 25% coupon you can use) but, they have been out of the cartridges since before rona. Anywhere else to buy these lil buggers?
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    Jalama july 21 open reservation

    I'm usually on it, but figured I'd give it a last minute shot. Actually, got a couple nights camping up at Mammoth for next week instead. Figured since it's been so flat would be a good time to go up to the mountains for a couple days. Hoping to unwind a bit.
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    Jalama july 21 open reservation

    Looks like someone else booked it already
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    Air Travel

    Thanks for all the replies. Trip isn't exactly surf related, but I'll be heading to a couple east coast beaches for some small summer slop. So, maybe it is surf related after all.
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    Air Travel

    Who's doing it or planning on flying? I'm on the fence. I have a few friends that recently traveled and said lines were low and the planes were kinda crowded, saying it wasn't bad. I have a family trip planned in a few weeks flying from Ca to Ma and Pa. Not sure what to do. Thought about...
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    Big toenail - done

    Make it 2 shots!
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    Big toenail - done

    I'm gonna check it out. Thanks!
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    Big toenail - done

    For the fungus?
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    Big toenail - done

    Yeah man, already have the fungus so maybe the tea tree will help fend it off in the future. Hopefully