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    When did groms dropping in become normal?

    When I first started going to Central America on surf trips I was blown away by the number of Brazilians that just burned me cold. When I protested they threw up their hands in disbelief. My friends, we all started surfing in the early 70s, were also amazed. So I sat back in the lineup and...
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    SF - ideas on where to live?

    Too cold, in and out of the water. Forgo the fame and fortune for happiness and warm water.
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    Yes. Long Phish
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    What Boards You Got On Order?

    just arrived in shop. 6’7 x 21 1/4 x 2 9/16
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    CC Fish 5'6" for sale

    They don’t last long
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    “High performance” midlength?

    That’s not quite the same as watching Devon Howard.
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    “High performance” midlength?

    Not sure how old you are but his surfing is classic. The lines he draws on those mid lengths are great to watch but even better to draw yourself. Give it a shot. You might like it?
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    Long Fish

    "Long fish was just kind of a need that I had, if I was going to do the fish. It started really going off after Derek did his thing, and I started getting orders for the Derek Hynd template. So I took the fish blank and I maxed one out for me that was 6'2", but I never rode it. I was afraid I'd...
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    Long Fish Christenson 6’6 long Phish
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    what to do with car key when in ocean?

    Depends where you are. Here in the islands there are few if any people around and you leave your vehicle at the end of some bush track, often where you cannot see it From the lineup. Do not lock the vehicle! It’s easy for someone to smash a window and they will assume that there is something...
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    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    Didn’t he come out and declare that 2019 would be his last year on tour as soon as Parko announced his retirement?
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    Medina we will have little groms burning each other to emulate what the 2x world champ has done to win that heat, and they will think it’s OK.
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    *** Official Billabong Pipe Masters thread ***

    WSL showing it has moved on from what surfing really means to most of us. They continue to distance themselves from the average joe and crap all over what the traditional ethos of surfing is. Gabby is a talented and determined guy but a train wreck of a role model for young kids.
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    late january in Sydney

    School holidays and the water at its warmest temps. Not much swell at that time. Try to make a run up to the central coast for a couple of days.
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    “High performance” midlength?

    Feels a little thick but a nice shape with multiple fin set up options. Looks fun at around 6’8