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    How do you size your fish?

    I have two 5’8 CC fishes and they could not be more different. The first is 5’8 x 21 x 2 9/16 with glass on swept back marine ply fins. This board is phenomenal. It’s fun and fast in waist to chest steep waves but really comes alive in HH+ reef or points. It’s so solid in the water and reliable...
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    Morning of the Earth

    I have a 6’8 x 19 7/8 x 2 5/8 due this month ordered in June. Hoping it will be an all rounder but have Indo in mind specifically.
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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    Possibly. I have a stretch time machine which kind of looks like the stap2 without the Ewing. Im covered But wouldn’t mind taking one for a paddle.
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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    The Shadow is a classic shape that obviously works very well. Not sure a Shadow2 could be better? Can’t find a pic but from memory it looks to have a little less width right through, particularly in the nose and more “refined“.
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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    Yes there is. Great all around board. I have one that never lets me down. The first one I had was a magic board.
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    Von Sol Shadow: Review and Pics

    I ended up not liking the the twin and trailer, at least with this set. Board was too loose and lost some drive. I have used these fins on other boards and they are great. I have to think that the stilettos are the go and Sean should know.
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    What's your favorite board between a groveler and a shortboard?

    Not sure right now. This is my second Shadow In these dims and Sean also shaped a really nice Time Machine for me several years back. I’m thinking they were about $7-800 but I could be wrong. It’s been a while and the boards hold up very well. The shadow has a very wide range. It can grovel...
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    Let's talk dream longboards

    I have a 9’4 DT2 shaped by the man himself. It has glass on side bites and a few miles on it. Found it online about 10-12 years ago. I can have as much fun on this as on any shorty or fish. Its a beast!
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    What's your favorite board between a groveler and a shortboard?

    Not the Olo but this bloke makes a few shapes that may fit the bill. Try a stock 5’11 Shadow.
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    What makes a board fast?

    It’s perfect for a long phish, in fact I got mine with this wave in mind but the cursed covid put paid to that!
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    Who else has convinced themselves they need a new board during this Covid-19 downtime?

    Ordered a MOTE Fiji 6’8 and sold the Long Phish. Time for change.
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    Problem generating speed on a new board

    I bet it’s got heavier rocker throughout. I have a similar board that lights up in bigger hollow surf, where it does anything and everything asked. It actually has a little more volume(15% more) than the board I ride most of the time but still feels like it’s dragging a pick in anything other...