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    Yes. A 2019 batch. Not the xtr ones on the rails but the brand ones on the underside. The fix was to put holes into the black areas. The boards are still ok, and still work well, but the pressure release holes look horrible. I always ask for light coloured decals if possible. I think this...
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    Tomo MPH

    Yes, your right. FST was pretty good, the LFT not too flash
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    Tomo MPH

    Tip of the cap to Reforest....Tomo will be finishing with the XTR option. Im glad I got my last order in, seems a few others did too. The xtr/tomo combo has supplied me with some great durable boars, the FST was just too brittle for what I needed.
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    Board Bags?

    Strong plastic zips and fasteners is key for moist climates. F...k me if those metal zips, even with a yearly wd40 free up and some candlewax as base, corrode and seize. Prolite have been good, a suprise has been an old FCS 4 stacker with the wheels. Pushed through some heavy airline abuse and...
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    5'7 XTR Tomo V4 Model - Tom Curren Replica (SOLD)

    What layup is that? The new SL-CK without the blue high density? Looks great
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    *** The Official 2021 What Are You Listening To Thread ***

    Oranssi Pazuzu - Finnish Metal
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Hang with Slater, immunity for life.
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    *** Official Corona Virus Thread ***

    Just thinking in a different sphere. The situation in Afghanistan. I dont doubt the virus spreads easily and quickly. I wonder if the taliban had flu shots? Nothing seemed to slow them down. Im sort of stuck in the Americas somewhere. No vaccines here. Handwashing and masks in the larger...
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    Best Flip Flops?

    Fashion free. These things are like soft sand 4wds. No bindies or aciacia thorns get through. No hot sand spillover. Ive seen blokes sand the sole grips for stealth missions to secret spots or to squirt the 'girls' , no tracks to follow. Wont be bothered by any women either. The only thing...
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    Nicaragua travel update

    Chris the french dude at Popoyo board repairs has some decent hire boards and a couple for sale as well.
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    HPSB thread

    I havent had a Roberts GSD, but i use my el tormentor in point wave setups. Has reach and feels smooth with a touch of boost. Goes well in barrels. The meat cleaver goes well in hollow beachies and something with the rail just feels right in hooking off the top, especially backhand. The...
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    Hawaii- Done

    When i was travelling around the Melanesian islands, many stories in the Solomans regarding a small race of people living in the interior regions. Small and hairy was what i was told. Contrast that, some Fijian tribes are known for their height, with a woman i met over 6'2 (in her 40's). I said...
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    Nicaragua travel update

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    Tomo MPH

    A while back someone mentioned they used a quad setup on their psyko. I use quad on the vanguard and it works, so much speed. The tail seems to help the pivot when needed. Im back and forth on the sci-fi with 3/4 fins, conditions are the key factor. Back to the psyko, I use it when its good...
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    Board test for the every day surfer

    It comes back to the surf, size and country of the shaper to a degree. Mayhem with biolos looks like a trestles/standard size type of deal. Rusty looks like a normal 70's size surfer. Sharpeyes are Brazzo based? I sort of look at the above mentioned factors and you can see it in stock sizes on...