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    Quiver Shots - Post 'em up!

    @donger - which model is the green stamps?
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    ***The Official Mid-Length Thread***

    I've been eyeing one of these:
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    Twinzer Feedback?

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    Fin recommendations for Banjo

    I just picked up a Stamps Banjo for my local beach break. Wondering what fins people have tried in their banjo and what they like best? Thanks
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    Board trends

    you just summed up my surfing life
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    Album Surfboards

    Anyone ridden both? That JS is tempting
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    Album Surfboards

    @trifish - which XTR glassing option did you go with? Are you happy with the weight and overall finish?
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    Roundtail Stubby Quads

    Christenson cafe racer?
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    Album Surfboards

    @Aruka, let us know which one he goes with. I've been considering the lightbender in XTR stringered 8 or 8C over the plasmic just because I thought it would have more range, especially for beach breaks. But I haven't ridden either. Just going on everyones overall feedback.
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    I Want A TKF

    Isn't the Christenson fish the premier TKF? I've never heard a bad word about it and everyone raves about its range.
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    Album Surfboards

    thank you!!
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    Album Surfboards

    @Aruka - How do those JS compare the the ENs?
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    *** Official Fin Thread ***

    I'm thinking of picking up the MFC JS twins for a longer twin. Has anyone compared the JS uprights to the ENs? I assume the JS will be lighter, I'm just curious about the template comparison. Thanks!!
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    @j_mac - do you have different versions of material - poly, varial, xtr etc? If so, how do they compare?
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    Christenson fish - glass on keels or futures box?

    YOLOing a Christenson fish. Trying to decide between glass ons or a box. I've never ridden a christenson fish - I generally prefer the AMKs in my current fish. The Christenson glass - ons look a little more up right and not as raked. I ride beachies 90% and Ive heard the Christenson fish is...