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    “I can’t breathe” 2.0

    I watched a race riot at my local beach when I was 10 years old. A group of local redneck greasers, some I recognized from a downtown bar that at the time I was delivering newspapers to and a small group of well dressed "colored" people... (not what the rednecks were calling them) that were...
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    Central Park Karen has been fired

    Your so right, my wife sometimes communicates with me through our dog. Example: oh Tabby do you need a walk? Translation.. take out the damn trash. Or Tabby are you getting sleepy? Turn off the tv it's time for bed. I could go on but it gets weird.
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    Shutting down Twitter.....

    Hey if big tech can do this without a hint of fraud then voting online should be as easy as 123.
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    “I can’t breathe” 2.0

    Ilham Omar's district.
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    Shits getting heated

    Antifa just couldn't help but leave a calling card.
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    Pretty obvious the dude has cancer. Why are they hiding that fact?
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    Central Park Karen has been fired

    death by ugga - Bugga. The guy is a fkn pervert.
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    Central Park Karen has been fired

    You never know what sets off a dog. My timid ass Bich-on will charge like a pit bull at any and all size dogs but take her leash off and she cowers like the pussy dog she is.
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    Why Are Liquor Stores Open But Churches Closed?

    Maybe not “your” people.
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    Will FORD MOTOR COMPANY retool to make high speed scanners to handle nationwide mail in voting?

    Otherwise it will be governors nationwide complaining about lack of proper equipment.
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    “we resurrected Joe Biden’s campaign,” and “We are here to collect.”

    Who’s it going to be, Stacy or Kamilla?
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    Why Are Liquor Stores Open But Churches Closed?

    sorry but that’s not a good analogy. Did you know the Chinese spit in each face mask they ship to America?
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    Lockdown Brazil, local surfers rejoice

    You guys have been “praying” for this for a decade. Too bad your reefs are still off limits.
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    Rouhani says Iran to retaliate over any U.S. 'trouble' for Venezuela-bound tankers

    Iranian President Hassan Rouhani warned on Saturday of retaliatory measures against the United States if Washington caused problems for tankers carrying Iranian fuel to Venezuela, the semi-official news agency Mehr reported. “If our tankers in the Caribbean or anywhere in the world face trouble...
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    Political Meme Thread

    Top left: Washington Monument at 1 o'clock. Top right: weight on the left toe as he leans in for the handshake. Bottom shots are ?..