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    Nias Pro - Truth, you in this?

    Is it vury shallow at Nias? Do people normally hit the bottom when they go over the false as they do at many Indo surf spots?
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    Order Of Operation: Spankin' It...

    My gurlfriend won't let me masturbate. We live and work in the same home. Everytime I try she makes me have sex.
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    Can anyone explain these water temps?

    I paddled out in that area 7am and again at noon on a six ten single fin. 3/2 full suit. Typical spring chilly and no botties were require.
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    Tucker Carlson: The End of Men

    My fathur had a 63 split window and evury neighbor was jealous. Would you check for the same?
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    Ranch Entry

    That is a VURY large animal! I too would have a rifle in the cabin!
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    Can i start a vegetable and herb garden thread?

    Good topic. The blueburries in our yard (San Diego County) failed to yield any significant fruit this year but the strawburries went bonanzas, especially the "seascape" variety which are our favorite because of their most "strawburry" like flavor. We still have several bags of frozen ones from...
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    Chris Rock vs Will Smith

    By now any reports of a staged slap is completely falts! Its vury clear now that Will Smith is remorseful and almost evuryone would agree - Chris Rock handled the situation and continues to with utmost class!
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    Dang, my kid didn’t get into any public CA University with a 4.2 GPA that was applied to.

    College admission is vury competitive these days and IMO the CC route is the way to go, bar none unless you get a full ride. I invested five figures from my kid's college fund at their HS graduation when we agreed CC matriculation would be the plan. At time of graduation from UCSD, it was just...
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    The Surf Nazi has spoken: No access for you

    PV is almost never worth it. Evury local who surfs there, and I literally mean evury one of them, will make your visit there as misurable as possible. You can hike in the dark at 3am and get a few waves at gray light with no problems but prepare for an unpleasant walk back up the cliff, You...
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    Anyone foil their own fins? Foiling my fin question.

    The fin is jammed up against the front of the box.
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    Anyone foil their own fins? Foiling my fin question.

    Thank you, that worked vury well the 2nd time. I thinned it out a tiny amount as you noted noted above and gave it a go. I could almost immediately feel there was something happening at the slightest. Went home and put it in the vice and gave it about the same treatment and voila, next session...
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    Anyone foil their own fins? Foiling my fin question.

    I rode the Flat Tracker for a while before upgrading to Ultra Tracker which fixes the sluggishness vury well. The board itself is designed to have a better turning radius with less foam and weight up front and also a tighter foil so it works great especially at pointbreaks. Highly recommend the...
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    Anyone foil their own fins? Foiling my fin question.

    I ride a 7 foot Christenson Ultra Tracker and a 7.5" Skip Frye Flex. I love this board and fin setup but I want to tighten up the turning radius a tad (cutbacks, bottom turns, bottom turns). I get enough drive with this fin, tried other fins that accomplish what I'm trying to achieve with this...