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Threads Created | All Posts Threads Created By SixtyGrit
Title Forum Post Time
New weed study confirms what we all already know Surfer Discussion 07/10/19 03:00 PM
On the Edge of a Dream - Greenough documentary Design Forum 07/08/19 08:02 PM
Can the site owners please fix the way ads make the page jump? Design Forum 07/04/19 08:08 PM
Stretch Square One 5'8" x 18.6 x 2.25 26.1L Surfer Classifieds 07/04/19 07:09 PM
Timmy Patterson New Sun (Varial) 5'8" stock Surfer Classifieds 07/04/19 07:04 PM
FS: Timmy Patterson 5'8" New Sun (Varial) Surfer Classifieds 06/29/19 02:51 AM
WTB: 10'ish + Glider Surfer Classifieds 06/26/19 06:20 PM
FS: Stretch SuperBuzz 5'6" x 19" x 2.3" Surfer Classifieds 06/25/19 08:56 PM
5'6" Stretch Super Buzz Surfer Classifieds 06/23/19 03:16 PM
Modern twin shaping help request / sharsies: fin placement and stuff Design Forum 05/22/19 05:42 AM
Ride Review: My first personal shape Design Forum 02/20/19 10:30 PM
Xcel Drylock X... Dud? Design Forum 12/05/18 11:53 PM
FS: Lost RNF Redux XTR-SL Surfer Classifieds 11/16/18 07:41 PM
Prisma Surfboards Design Forum 09/27/18 11:16 PM
SoloShot3 Optic25 marked down drastically Surfer Discussion 08/13/18 10:47 PM
FS: Most of my Stretch Quiver! Surfer Classifieds 08/06/18 01:24 AM
PSA: Bare back prone paddling will leave you without nipples Surfer Discussion 07/15/18 05:39 PM
Kauai - first two weeks of May Travel Forum 03/18/18 11:22 PM
Lost Driver (Keahana) - 5'11" x 18.75 x 2.18 Surfer Classifieds 02/25/18 10:49 PM
5'4" Von Sol Flying Manta - Sunset Cliffs, San Diego Surfer Classifieds 02/22/18 06:12 AM
Fins in your thrusters Design Forum 09/21/17 11:12 PM
Koraloc Backpack - Cheap. Surfer Classifieds 07/05/17 11:04 PM
Room for Rent in Sunset Cliffs Surfer Classifieds 03/18/17 08:07 PM
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