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Re: SUP collides with a surfer in Japan leaving the surfer dead. Surfer Discussion 07/10/14 05:51 PM
Re: Gravity Surfer Discussion 10/14/13 07:19 PM
Re: What's unique about your spot? Surfer Discussion 10/14/13 07:18 PM
Re: Louis Farrakhan warns the white people Surfer Discussion 08/23/13 06:23 PM
Re: The Wipeout!!! Surfer Discussion 08/23/13 06:20 PM
Re: Bush: "If I had a son, he'd look like Chris." (Chris Lane murder related) Surfer Discussion 08/23/13 06:18 PM
Re: THONG BIKINIS: Now standard for 14-18 y/o female surf "stars"/groupies? Surfer Discussion 07/11/13 03:15 PM
Re: I got on the scale today and.. Surfer Discussion 07/03/13 02:15 PM
Re: ****The Official 4th of July 2013 Photo Thread**** Surfer Discussion 07/03/13 02:13 PM
Re: Bikini Wax, Finland Style 6 PM News (NSFW) Surfer Discussion 06/05/13 06:37 PM
Re: This is How a Music Video Should be Surfer Discussion 04/16/13 09:14 PM
Re: John John and Taylor Swift Surfer Discussion 03/06/13 03:57 PM
Re: Who the hell is Eunice? Surfer Discussion 01/28/13 10:02 PM
Re: Ireland Surfer Discussion 01/28/13 09:39 PM
Re: Divine Intervention. Religious Post Surfer Discussion 01/28/13 08:53 PM
Re: Irish Pipe Jan 22 Surfer Discussion 01/28/13 08:47 PM
Re: Did You Hear About Gmac's Wave in Portugal? Surfer Discussion 01/28/13 08:45 PM
Re: uh, yeah, surfing Surfer Discussion 01/21/13 04:33 PM
Re: Pucha Garcia. So hot right now Surfer Discussion 01/08/13 08:22 PM
Re: Al Roker Sharted At The Whitehouse Surfer Discussion 01/07/13 09:44 PM
Re: Saw this on the news today, why are people so dumb? Surfer Discussion 01/07/13 07:16 PM
Re: What's your favorite breed of dog and why? Surfer Discussion 12/24/12 03:11 PM
Re: G-MAC Surfer Discussion 12/24/12 03:06 PM
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