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Re: worth a few minutes of your time POLITICS 06/05/19 02:23 AM
Re: Fake Parking Tickets Surfer Discussion 05/24/19 09:05 PM
Re: What do YOU drive? Surfer Discussion 04/13/19 01:12 AM
Re: La Salsa Chilena Surfer Discussion 04/10/19 11:40 PM
Re: Windmills Cause Cancer POLITICS 04/06/19 07:36 AM
Re: Hey hal. Welcome back. POLITICS 03/31/19 07:03 AM
Re: Rep. Eric Swalwell: I Won't Accept Barr's Version Of Mueller Report Unless Mueller Himself Testifies That It Is True POLITICS 03/23/19 06:21 PM
Re: ****The Official Mueller Report Thread**** POLITICS 03/23/19 04:37 AM
Re: Head of US Federal Government wants freedom of speech for Fox hosts but not SNL.... POLITICS 03/18/19 11:29 PM
Re: Inevitable not knee jerk Wheelhouse/TMZ ban POLITICS 03/17/19 12:15 AM
Re: Was Obama enable ISIS? POLITICS 03/02/19 04:53 PM
Re: Phishing Blackmail Scam Surfer Discussion 02/26/19 05:20 AM
Re: Conservatives must hate The Oscars POLITICS 02/25/19 03:46 AM
Re: Abortion POLITICS 02/09/19 04:11 AM
Re: Criminal defense lawyer in L.A.? Surfer Discussion 02/04/19 05:21 AM
Re: Trump got Cucked POLITICS 01/25/19 03:46 PM
Re: Why won't the Democrats end the shutdown? Don't they care about people not getting paid? POLITICS 01/25/19 03:21 PM
Re: Bands with 3 or more perfect albums Surfer Discussion 01/25/19 04:43 AM
Re: Trump got Cucked POLITICS 01/25/19 01:20 AM
Re: #ScienceMustFall. It's a product of Western colonialism that must be abolished. POLITICS 01/24/19 07:11 PM
Re: The Big Story of the Day POLITICS 01/20/19 12:21 AM
Re: Something we can agree on. POLITICS 01/19/19 12:34 AM
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