Cool posts, you guys!
The one that my guy found at that garage sale has channels along the bottom and is a very sculpted looking thing in the shape of a fat surfboard - it's commercially made in a mold (hard plastic). Whoever designed it really understood flow - I was so surprised at how well the rail would stick on the wave face - something about the channels really caused the water to flow and allowed that little board to drag me along the face. I never experienced that much fluidity and the ability to carve just by bodysurfing. Steep drops to the trough were not a problem 'cause after a while I trusted that thing to pull me back up the face.
It was just so damn cool!

SW's on his way here from SC, so I gotta call him now and remind him to bring the handgun... maybe I can find a picture of it... man, I just don't understand why those gizmos are not more popular! Rice, dust yours off and bring it up when you come north! SO FUN!!!

So youre telling me... I simply put the lime IN the coconut?