My first encounter with them was in January of 1981 at Kalihiwai. Right after all the local kids got home from school three or four of them swam out to the inside peak I'd been surfing with one other guy. They all had "handguns" strapped on. It was weird for me as we didn't have any body surfers at home so I wasn't used to surfing with swimmers in the wayer. After I'd pulled back from a couple of waves because one of the kids was right inside of me and I was afraid I'd run over them, one of them laughed and told me just to go for it and they would just duckdive out of the way. Seemed logical enough and would work fine as long as you didn't blow the taaake-off and fall on the swimmer. I avoided that and we had a great time sharing waves. I remember being quite impressed at how far along a wave they could go planing on that small surface.

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