Was in SC for the past week, the waves were kinda small, but I found some good bodysurfing potential. So I borrowed a hand gun that my friend had just scored for $5 at a garage sale. (Handgun as in the little board shaped thingie you hold on to.) At first, I didn't get it, and dismissed it as just another useless toy. Then suddenly, I connected on this glassy wave. It was like holding a rocket launcher - the way the thing was shaped, it just made the water flow around it. Felt like it was pulling me along the wave face!!! My bodysurfing went from lackluster to magnifique in 2 days of using this thing - I got so into it that I didn't leave the break for 2 days of marathon bodysurfing. SW nicknamed me "the rubber bullet". When I finally came in, he had to pry my hand open to release it from my frozen grip. I am stoked on getting one, has anyone else ever used one or seen these things sold anywhere?
I want one.

So youre telling me... I simply put the lime IN the coconut?