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Eyeing a surgical pow strike to Baldy Thursday. It will be my first time and curious to get some feedback from those familiar with the place. Most importantly will the lifts be running if its puking snow? Looks like Friday will be Blue Bird but can foresee all of Southern California heading up then. It appears they reopened the road in yesterday. Driving up solo from San Diego so if anybody wants to join in on a strike mission PM me.

In S.D. and would love to go but am cutting out early on Friday for another trip so cant pull Baldy.

Usually they'll open on a snow day but often take longer to de-ice the lifts, etc. since they're so old. Formal Winter Storm Warning in effect with 3-5 inches Wednesday night and another few Thursday. Good luck yo!

Point forecast for the Baldy Notch area (6 Miles S Wrightwood CA) is below...


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