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My lemon tree is off the hook right now. Too many lemons.

Time to make lemoncello.

I give it away for holiday gifts.

Love limoncello.

So what's the process? Maybe Harry was onto something with fermentation?

My recipe:

20 lemons from my front yard
3-4 cups of sugar in 5 cups of water...depends on how sweet you like things
Two bottles of decent vodka

Get the vegetable peeler and take the skin off the lemons. Just the yellow part, not the white pith.
Put shaved skin in glass container, pour on a bottle of booze.
Cover container, wait 30 days.
Put sugar in water, boil 10 minutes.
Pour hot sugar water on lemon peels and add 2nd bottle of hootch.
Cover and wait 30 days.
Strain through coffee filter into clean bottles.

I don't appreciate the "creamsicle" style lemoncello, but if you do, don't use fat free milk product. Add it slowly so that the ethanol content keeps the milkfat disolved...too much milk, you get clumps, and that can taste ok, but looks/feels icky.

Lots of ways to use it, from icy cold shots, to a few drips added to a martini, to spooning in a little to Sunday morning waffles, to a teaspoon in a tall glass of soda water on a hot day.

Squish the juice of the 20 lemons and there is your vitamin C for the next week.

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