Had the board in about 5 surfs, in waves in that 3-5' range, hollow conditions.
Board is very strange. Seems to be a dead spot when I go left, it "hesitates, or slows down" at points.
The board surfs better backside but feels stiff, surfs bigger then the board is.

I have tried AM Med Core fins, Reactor (k2.1) and AM med honeycomb. Reactor felt better but lost some drive. The AM honeycomb (orange ones) felt ok also. AM Med Air core way to stiff.

The board definitely feels like it can handle solid waves.

I will give it a few more surfs before unloading it.

The board is a 5'11. I'm 6'0 185ish. Been surfing for 30 years.

Fin issue? Need to get used to it more?