I'm going list on you! laugh

1. Re knives: That one is serrated, I assume you're referring to handmade knives that require sharpening.
2. Epic idea, zest the sweet limes, soak them in Everclear, make sweet lime simple syrup. SweetlimeCello -> bowdown
3. I've currently got a convenient agreement. I don't have to listen to her talk about her work day, drama, or get asked about mine. It's usually lunch break dancing so it doesn't cut into anything I have planned for the night or interfere with work or anything else other than skipping eating at lunch time.
4. Maybe I haven't had good blueberries. The ones I get range from extra tart (acidic?) to super sweet and mild. They're usually so mixed with other ingredients, I can't tell the difference. Ignorance is bliss.
5. To add flame to this Keto thread, I had my first Pliny the Younger DELICIOUS MALT & CARB FERMENTED BEVERAGE facelick today.
My take is:
5a. I'm glad I never waited in line for this beer.
5b. I can't imagine waiting 12 hours at the brewery, or today early in the morning in the rain, wind and cold for a free wristband, especially when there was zero line or wait to get one at lunch time (also possibly my first ever "lunch beer")
5c. It's good, tastes like Pliny the Elder but thicker and more boozy. I think it was probably considered great 10 years ago, more accessible now, but a lot has happened with beer and IPA since and the out-hop-you-bro phase is sorta dead.
5d. I'm curious to see if there are reports of "it was better before the Windsor facility".