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Yeah, I get the thing about not being tree ripe, but I always think it's best to have the food at its source. Like, I don't think you can properly eat pineapple anywhere but Hawaii. Tomatoes, blueberries, watermelon....New Jersey. Peaches....Georgia, etc.

That's just silly. You can find all of those locally grown at the farmer's market and some grocery stores. I bought papayas, blueberries and passion fruit grown in Goleta on Saturday. They also grow pineapples at that same farm. "Fresh avocados" is kind of a silly term since they don't ripen on the tree. Mexico and CA ship "breakers" everywhere, and they're every bit as good as "the source" when they get to you, maybe still unripe.

Read page 8 here to get a better understanding California Avocados