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Are those haas? I get haas from the farmers market and they look almost exactly the same but the skins are nearly black instead of green like yours, and your flesh looks a little different (more water content, or lighter green flesh). To be overly specific, Hilltop Canyon Farm avos in Carp. They're the best I've ever had and I eat at least one per day.
Yeah, not to turn it into a WE/film thread but you got it and I sort of agree (the outdoor camp one was my least fav) cheers

No this is Fuerte, much bigger and meatier. I have Haas too but it didn't produce that well this year, it decided to have a growth spurt instead. shrug

We already turned the Keto thread into the avocado and citrus thread so turning it into the WA thread wouldn't be the worst thing. smile2