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Any good resources people have found for this diet?

Thinking about doing it as it’s not really that far off of my current “diet” anyway from the little I know about it.

been looking at it after weighing in 10lbs heavier at the doctor. done diet dairies and calorie restriction before. end of it I'm feeling tired and super light headed. changing up my breakfast and dinner to be more keto. plus have to stay away from chips lunch and/or work snack which is my killer. don't really want to give up my weekend beer for a month or so yet.

done this one for breakfast week 1 with some hot sauce was good

going try these ones:

for snack did these this week. they're ok, but you can tell how good regular flour & sugar make things

dinner: oven roast sausage links from TJ's + veggies worked well.

basic take away I'm getting is: almond or coconut flour as replacements. need to get fake sugar. get creative with turkey sausage patties. cauliflower rice is a good alternative. The turnips instead of potatoes might be something that wouldn't mind. Week one went well. haven't got into adding cheeses yet, besides the morning eggs. some info on what veggies to stick with https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/keto/vegetables

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