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Strongest builds are very light EPS and heavy/solid sandwich skin. HS say they use a hi density EPS for their futureflex build. They don't say exactly what, but if it is something like 2.0 then it is not possible to produce a bullet proof build. When I enquired about futureflex on my Chilli thread Hopeless and Havoc said something to the effect of rides decent, not bullet proof.

HS uses 2.1 pcf as their standard for custom FF builds. Not sure if the same is used for their offshore FF boards, but they have blanks that are 3% more dense and 3% less dense available as well.

The standard glass schedule on the HS FF builds is a quadaxial layup on top totaling 10.5oz of E-cloth and 4oz E-cloth on the bottom.

I really like the way they feel. Haven't had a single issue with durability and the board is nice and light.

cheers jkb, That's good to know. I have a feeling that you have told me all this before, but my memory failed me - must be old age laugh

Deck sounds strong, bottom sounds average and rails would be strong from the carbon. A lot of how a board lasts depends on how the user treats them. Some surfers are a bit careless and knock them around a bit or go surfing in rocky places where it is difficult to get in and out of the water without mishaps - they would benefit from a strong shell all round. Others are quite careful, but really heavy with the foot pressure and need a strong deck rather than hull.