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I see your logic re: that and it makes sense. But don't people spread those condiments with a knife, generally speaking?

Those candies are just that, candies. Snickers, Milky Way, Mars, etc. are candy bars.

If I see someone spreading ketchup with a knife they're getting pimp-slapped.

Mustard is where it gets complicated: yellow mustard from a squired bottle is a sauce. But on dark mustard, which comes from a jar and is spread with a knife......I'm gonna have to make a ruling on this........I'm calling it a spread.

I say kit kat is a candy wafer. I consider Twix a cookie treat. Reese's is a candy. Yet they're all grouped among the candy bars.

What about Chunky?

And what the fvck do we even do about Klondike bars? Popsicle, frozen candy bar, ice cream sandwich? What the fvck?

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