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Out of curiosity, what kind of bread do you guys eat?

In a Keto thread?
Is this some kind of a trap?
For a while I used cheese slices as bread.
Now I pretty much stick to Trader Joe’s gluten free multi grain.

No trap, I'm not an a-hole like fecal or hap...
If I were to eat bread I think I'd go old style, my own sourdough starter & 3 ingredients, flour, water, salt.
There a few flour mills around were you can get the real stuff
Your body digests & processes this differently than anything you can buy

Based on other comments, you should go up to Monterey or San Francisco and make it there.

There was some internet buzz about all sourdough bread being gluten free, but I think that’s only true under certain circumstances. ( Those circumstances being when you can say pretty much anything Is true without any evidence or it being actually true. )
Too bad, cuz I’d love some sourdough bread, but no gluten for me.
Uh oh. Is coat hanger gonna call me a fag now?