I don’t get it why some people get stuck on calling FW build X the same as Pu/Pe.

It’s not the same and thus won’t behave the same. There’s a spring and there’s a damper. You can aim to tune them to be like one another but ultimately they won’t be 100% of the time. Vibrations (the type of dynamic physics) are tricky like that. Resonance and natural frequencies will shift for a board with the otherwise same cut.

a spring and damper model, for example

And yes it can be easy enough to feel. Maybe when paddling around, maybe when paddling in, maybe when surfing or some aspect of surfing. Designers can tune their constructions to feel similar while surfing, or while paddling around or maybe a happy medium for both. But, to claim they’re identical in all conditions is a joke.

They’re going to behave differently because they are different. But, it doesn’t mean you’re wrong for liking it.

Anyone else see the Stretch hand shape on IG? Pipe board. Made it with Clark foam and even mentioned it was Pu for damping characteristics which are different than his EPS. Heh.