I really hope at some stage someone does this.

Id really love to see a independent test done by a surf mag or something where they get exactly the same shapes done in different PU/PE foam density and glass schedule and then the same in half a dozen EPS Epoxy constructions, have all the boards painted (over the glass), same fins same deck grip wax everything and the get half a dozen surfers, say two pros, two decent surfers, and two very average surfers. (say two PU/PE boards and six EPS/Epoxy boards)

Do it somewhere like Mentawais and after say three waves they paddle back to the boat and get asked how the board went and what board they thought the construction was.

It would be super interesting.

Id be putting my money on it that most could pick the EPS/Epoxy composite constructions, but not some of the non composite type EPS/Epoxy boards.

IMHO a lot of it is (i think the word is) cognitive bias, a huge part of surfing is in the mind in so many different ways.

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