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Bullshit. Your denial that criminal gang members and thugs are making their way through our southern border proves that you are an ignorant fool. You can't spin your partisan disregard for our national security, our national sovereignty and the rights of American workers by calling everyone that disagrees with you a racist. That isn't going to cut it.

The great majority of immigrants crossing our southern border are NOT gangsters and thugs, yet that's the way you keep portraying them, which is completely dishonest. You are lying, or at least repeating lies that you're too stupid to see through, in order to dehumanize these immigrants.

In doing so you continue to betray your own fears and biases, and you continue exposing your own xenophobia and racism.

This ain't rocket science.

Unpopular opinion: I really hate political parties. I feel like when we call ourselves Democrats or Republicans, we all forget what we are Americans - Americans that love the country and each other. - David Hogg