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Calling all Latin American immigrants gangsters and thugs is racist.

Calling them all rapists and criminals is racist.

If you are too stupid to see that, that is on you.

Where did I call all of any group anything? I didn't.

The point stands. Democrats would rather more criminal gang members get into our country than secure our border. They always have been and always will be the Weak On National Security party.

The meme you posted, and your statements above, paint all immigrants crossing our southern border as gangsters and thugs. Your meme and your words are an attempt to dehumanize all of these people. Aside from being stupid and dishonest, that is patently racist. It is no different than calling them spics or wetbacks.

You do this sort of thing repeatedly here. Your feelings have been well documented. That you don't see your own racism is no surprise to anyone who's read your posts. You are too stupid to even be ashamed of yourself.

Unpopular opinion: I really hate political parties. I feel like when we call ourselves Democrats or Republicans, we all forget what we are Americans - Americans that love the country and each other. - David Hogg