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Re muscle loss, during this time I have been weight training and my max has increased. I have a hard time with greater levels of strength coinciding with loss of muscle mass for obvious reasons.

Can't a person's existing musculature become more efficient during training without any weight gain? You aren't losing muscle fiber, you aren't gaining new muscle fiber, but the muscle fiber you do have becomes more energy efficient such that a person is stronger?

The body will recover and adapt to external stress. If you did not gain a single fiber of muscle you could still see strength gains to a point, then recovery and adaptation become limited. Most likely you will start feeling tired or shitty if you are increasing stress without increasing calories. Proficiency at the lift will feel like a strength gain, when ultimately you just got better at it. For instance, when you really nail deadlift form, the lift feels like it got shorter, when in reality the bar still traveled from the floor to lockout....so unless you grew 6 inches, the bar traveled the same distance.

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The deference given to veterans is insane. They signed up, did their job and got paid for it. Fine.