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I don't know all of the fancy chemical analyses, but a diet which encourages eating porkfat (which I definitely eat) but discourages eating apples, oranges, tangerines, and bananas (which I also eat) seems suspect.

The problem is that those fruits are filled with sugar. A banana almost has as much sugar as a can of soda

Fruits contain fructose (sugar) but also contain fiber, which slows the metabolism of the fructose, and limiting insulin spike, not to mention all the micronutrients contained in fruits that cannot be provided by a keto diet. Additionally, when fruit is eaten and moderation, as part of a balanced meal containing protein and fat, there is almost no impact to insulin. Sure, eating only a hand of bananas for breakfast is not a great idea, but sounds terrible anyways.

Don't think the keto diet is the devil, nor do I care how others eat, but the keto zealots are right up there with the vegans when it comes to being closed minded. (PS- if vegans don't want to eat meat as a moral decision, I'm cool with that, but if they preach that the vegan diet is the best or healthiest, they are wrong, but to each their own)