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Saw an interesting article about orthorexia. Can't help but think keto is just one example of it.

That's a bullshit, proposed "disorder" pushed by the HAES crowd.

A preoccupation with eating healthy food is a good thing, especially when confronted with the worldwide obesity epidemic

No, its not bullshit
Maybe you dont know anyone like this, but I do.
I know the difference between being concerned about what you eat and obsession over controlling what youre eating and the anxiety that comes with potentially not being able to control what you eat and when you eat it
Its a whole different level
Maybe its not its own disorder, and exists in people with anxiety and ocd, and this is jus the thing that triggers it
And eating Keto or vegan or gluten free may go along with it, but just having a restricted diet isnt what theyd describing.
This is NOT a description of hating On health conscious people. Its describing a behavior that is a mental health issue and may or may not lead to physical health problems as well.