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What the idiots who want this wall to keep immigrants out don't understand is that rather than keeping immigrants out, walls mostly keep immigrants from going back home after they've come here to work.

Before we built a bunch of walls in the 70's, 80's and especially the 90's, immigration was largely circular. Immigrants would come here to work and then go back home, often crossing back and forth multiple times. As barriers on the border made crossings more & more dangerous, immigrant workers stopped going back home and began staying here and bringing their families here.

The wall does nothing to stop immigration (or terrorism, drugs, etc...) as long as we keep paying immigrants to come here. They risk their lives coming here because we as a country keep paying them to come here.

So the idiot racist xenophobes who want this wall to keep foreigners out are really working to keep them from ever leaving once they get here. Sheer stupidity. Frightened and heartless stupidity.

A)Why would Mexicans go back to Mexico by going around (presumably on foot) the border crossing?

B) Why are you assuming that illegal immigrants are all, or mostly Mexicans?

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