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like cuzin Joe Wong (whoDat) so eloquently said

in the end what did the greal wall do for china other than become a tourist attraction thousands of years later
and I don't think that other wall in Berlin did too well in the end

Great walls end up being nothing but phallic symbols for those that build them

its like the software and procedural walls used to protect customers from malware, and viruses they end up being temporary fixes. No matter high high and how good they are in the beginning, they are only of temporary value.

you have to change basic human behavior, fix the source and get rid of the incentives to make a permanent impact.

Good luck changing basic human behavior, at least here in Mexico. If it can be corrupted, its been corrupted. At all levels. lol into the huachicolero deal thats happening here right now as an example. The political machine and the associated organized crime that you grew up with on Oahu is a minuscule example. Here its institutional. Womb to tomb.

I don't think you can "fix" mexico

but then again the immigration issue is no longer a mexican problem but a central american problem. They just happen to be using mexico as their pathway. The US needs to "fix" the problem in south america. Maybe bring in the chinese like what's been happening in africa, the middle east and southeast asia with their "belt and road initiative". They don't need to run their US outsource operations in china which they've already over polluted because of it but they can outsource their outsource service to central america and exploit that labor market with their technology and construction resources like they are doing in africa.

If you can get rid of the economic and safety issues that have created the incentives for the current mass migration then it should taper off. I'm sure china or russia wants to get their hands on what ever natural resources central america has to offer. And both of those countries historically are pretty adept at controlling and getting rid of dissidents in their own countries. I'm sure they would have no problems helping governments with military support and arms to stabilize their regimes like the USA did with the Shah in Iran and with Saddam did in Iraq after Iran contra before cheney and the US oil boys want a piece of their pie.

There's also an underground theory that Canada, Mexico and the US should just become one big country like china and russia to take advantage of their geography to compete against china and russia. Lost of untapped oil lands in canada and lots of untapped labor in mexico. Just give the reigns to a trump or disfunctional congress and make canada and mexico another Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa. Hell Mexico and Canada could become the 51 and 52 states. You never know with all the uncontrolled corruption down south and ethic cross pollenization that has occurred between the cultures of the three countries over the centuries. People/culturally wise the borders are meaningless, it just created more government jobs. Less government is better, Lets just put it all under one rule.

Freakonomics on the topic




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