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word. i could have afforded a decent (relatively speaking) apartment in many Manhattan neighborhoods within a 15 minute walk or short subway ride to my office. but i chose to buy way out on Long Beach, and commute 2.5 hours R/T every day to live at the beach.

positives outweigh the commute, and not just for surf. and luckily my commute is on a comfortable train, where time isn't really wasted. it's reading, working, getting pummeled at scrabble by Kento etc. I even do head space meditations sometimes.

Being in a car 2.5 hours a day? i don't think i could do it. if that were the case, i would probably have gone with the overpriced, undersized place within walking distance

Commuting by train is much much different than a car. I could handle a train. No effing way I could ever deal with a long commute by car

I'm the exact opposite. I'd much rather have my own personal space rather than share it with people.

I don't disagree with the need for personal space either. After 11 years (and counting) of working on a floor with 100+ people, and commuting every day with millions, i really have zero tolerance or patience with crowds, or even people in general, in my free time.