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"the club’s only non-surfing member. He never stood up on his board,"

The person who wrote this is an IDIOT

Soo much documentation of George surfing waves = SURFER
From what i could find, that article was written by either Mike or Kerry who run the website that is called "Weekend Hippie" that posted the article. They are a Santa Barbara couple. The quote they used (which you're referring to) was by a man named Arlen Knight from Santa Barbara, and oddly enough the internet shows there was a census done in 1940 that shows a boy named Arlen Knight who was 11 in 1940 that lived at 1000 San Diego Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Which means this kid would have been around the same age as Greenough in the late 50's early 60's (maybe a little older).

Seems legit??

I will take Matt Warshaw's word.

I will take Greenough's word.

I will take the image of him as a child with a surfboard as evidence as well.