So right about now is when I thought I'd be getting back in the water. It's not really working out. There's something wrong with my shoulders, especially my left rotator cuff. I went to San-O a couple of weeks ago, and could sort of paddle but when it came time to catch a wave, the last couple of hard strokes just hurt so bad that I would scream and stop paddling.

This sucks beyond all previously known frontiers of suckiness. I was fine during chemo, surgery, radiation, losing my hair, losing my boobs, all of it, because I had deluded myself into thinking that I would be back in the water in December and everything would be unicorns 'n rainbows. I don't know what happened, but I could surf before surgery but not after, even though the incisions are nowhere near my shoulders.

Surfing is a really big deal to me, even though I'm terrible at it. I'm getting really depressed thinking about a life without surfing. bawling violin bawling violin

fook this shit. So tell me everything you know about rotator cuffs . . .

. . . and your little dog, too!