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"the club’s only non-surfing member. He never stood up on his board,"

The person who wrote this is an IDIOT

Soo much documentation of George surfing waves = SURFER


a) The man spent his early years standing up on surfboard and surfed = SURFER.
b) The man spent many years riding kneeboards and spoons and ripping on them = SURFER
c) The man lived and breathed surfing lived and in his car and the bush all around Australia through the 1960s surfing = SURFER
d) Riding kneeboards = SURFING. If there's any doubt in anyone's mind it's because of the bubble they live in. There is plenty of documentation of kneeboarding's glory days in old isssues of ER and ING (as if that matters but the images are great). And a kneeboarder ripping a good wave is a beautiful thing to behold.

I could go on but I'll stop there.