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Greenough not being a surfer

What was he ?
windsurfer and kneeboarder.

Come the fvck on already foreheadslap crazy2 roflmao

Greenough was stand up surfing decades ago prior to riding kneeboards.

You're trolling again.

Hes got some beef with Greenough for some reason.

he's got beef with everyone who isnt Dan or Mark Tomo. that beef is from his ignorance. and hes not shy from putting his ignorance on display. which is why hes an idiot. when hes finished he'll have crapped on everyone in the book. hey defraud did ya ever order that board from your buddy Timmy patterson??????????
Yup! I sure did. I rode the Italo Ferreira Pool Party model. Ask Timmy or Scott about it. They helped me out with the board!

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