Hey... Im just trying to get to the bottom of this... Im a seeker of truth! I got no beef with Greenough. From what i've heard and read he was a brilliant inventor and genius waterman who hugely influenced surfing. I just want to debate this issue in a reputable forum. Maybe even set the record straight.

Did George stand up or what??

The 2 links that Mr. J posted both say that George was NOT a stand up surfer... he was a knee boarder and matsurfer.

This is an excerpt from the article in the 1st link:
{He haunted the beautiful terrain and surfed the immaculate waves of Hollister Ranch, but was never a fan of stand-up surfing. The last time he stood on a board was 1961.}

This is an excerpt from the article in the 2nd link:
{By his early teens, Greenough (pronounced greeno) himself had already abandoned traditional surfing in place of kneeboarding and soft mat-riding, two sports few others were participating in at that time. "I really never liked the longboard, it had no flexibility or spontaneity," recalled Greenough from his home near Byron Bay, Australia.}

{George was the clubs only non-surfing member. He never stood up on his board, he never cut or even combed his hair, and always was a bit disheveled, but he was a very inventive guy, and certainly a great waterman. Arlen Knight, Santa Barbara}

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