Oh, and because I'm a giver, (give give give) I decided to put my body on the line for science. Since this thread started, I decided to give keto a try for a few weeks re the Atkins thing and drop a few lbs. So I lost a quick five pounds.(And no, it was NOT water weight lol) Then some weird shit started happening.

I have been under really high levels of stress re some family issues. Not my issues, but I seem to be tasked with dealing with everything/trying to fix things.

So what started happening, for the first time in my life, were what I thought were anxiety attacks. I'd be working, into my work, and all of the sudden my heart rate would just spike. Hard. Kind of like a post fight or flight type of response. Happened about three times. Then a few nights ago I picked up a sparring partner for some very, very low-key training. My heart rate spiked beyond anything that was reasonable. I had to bow out and get off the floor. It was embarrassing and scary. One of the guys I work out with came over and asked me if I had changed my diet. Light bulb.

So I googled "Keto racing heart" etc etc and I learned that this is a side effect of the initial stages of the diet for some people. Generally it supposedly goes away after a few weeks. Apparently this is not that out of the ordinary as people start eating this way. Anyway, a little spooky. I prefer the diet explanation as opposed to thinking I was suddenly getting anxiety attacks. Think maybe I'll back off of the keto (as in Atkins approach) and just move to a more rounded paleo approach.