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Greenough not being a surfer

What was he ?
windsurfer and kneeboarder.

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Greenough was stand up surfing decades ago prior to riding kneeboards.

You're trolling again.

I will admit to not knowing Greenough started his life as a waterman standing up, but yes documented here https://www.insidesport.com.au/news/george-greenough-a-true-pioneer-of-surfing-422149 and http://www.weekendhippie.com/weekend-hippie-stories/2016/6/19/in-the-greenough-room-george-greenough

both nice articles and although Greenough was on his knees or prone by the time he gained worldwide recognition a huge influence on standup shortboard riding nevertheless.

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, so not dissing anyone in any way whatsoever, but the subject of kneeboarder's influence on surfing is interesting. Steve Lis kneeboarder, the seed for Reno Abilliera's "semi performance twin" (my words), which in turn the seed for Mark Richard's performance twin http://markrichardssurfboards.com/blog/2012/05/the-bumblebee-flies-in/

MR performance twin fin positions were the starting point for the front fins of Simon Anderson's Bells winning revolutionary thruster design as documented in Anderson's excellent biography "Thrust". I bought this book, a lovely "coffee table book" with nice pictures and an interesting and enthralling account of Anderson's career as pro surfer and surfboard shaper to date (although skipped the BASE drama which must have been painful).