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If you eat enormous amounts of green vegetables and nothing else you will not get fat.

This is not really true. If you ingest more calories then you burn from vegetables, your body will store some of the extra energy as fat. It's just really hard to eat mass amounts of calories from most vegetables. -- much easier with processed foods, or foods with high fat content.

Or high calorie content
Fat doesnt make you fat
Some foods are low in fat but high in calories
Calories in < calories out is what leads to weight loss
Intermittent fasting, Keto, paleo, Atkins, weight watchers... theyll all lead to weight loss if calories in < calories out. Maybe some work better for others, maybe because some people comply with one style or another better.
You do you
Keep in mind, Im no scientist

100% agree. I only mentioned "high fat content" since fat is calorie dense.

Most experts, that I've read, say that ease of compliancy is the most important aspect when choosing a diet.