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I'm not sensitized, but I read it was from glassers using acetone to clean up, just like they do w/ PE. I don't use acetone. I just use Gojo or any other pumice hand cleaner. The claim is that acetone is the solvent that carries the epoxy into your body and causes someone to become sensitized.


I was sensetised (symptoms were blistering rash from vapour alone). I never used acetone. Then I became de-sensetised - stopped for 6 months and restarted with a different epoxy, but I am probably very very vulnerable to re-sensetisation now and I broke out into a similar rash more recently from sanding the shine off a skateboard deck to put the griptape on.

Josh Dowling former FW tech expert and composite builder under his own name now sensetised and works in an epoxy free workshop. As a result of his epoxy sensetisation he can't touch polyurethane finish either.

Caramel Sea who posts here is sensetised.

You are doing the right thing, but don't take it for granted, some get sensetised after years of trouble free exposure.

There are anecdotal stories from boatbuilders who got cancer and blamed their polyester/styrene/acetone exposure, but not solid stats apparently. Its definitively bad, but as one of the builders on a recent podcasts said (I think part 4 of parmenter), the glassers of poly that he knows are still alive and kicking.

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