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All EPS is "fused cell" - thats how they make it - fuse beads of polystyrene in a mold. The surfboard industry has just cottoned on to that term like the surf/snakeoil industry does. the block stuff is just moulded in a big block, not a surfboard blank. There are varying density's and quality of both surfboard specific molded eps and Block eps. The lower density or stuff that hasn't been molded under uniform temperature and pressure or uses larger beads can have larger voids between the cells and thats where the water gets sucked into.

The best EPS i have used came from a block of VH grade eps. better than the brand name and imported blanks of similar densities i have used.

thanks for clearing that up, I did know that the beads were sealed, it is the gap between the between the beads is the problem. However I was basing my simple 2 category division based on how some of the blank companies present their marketing blurb.


We do know however that some EPS is very good at resisting absorption and some EPS is awful. From what you are saying there would be all manner of in between.

Perhaps we should just say the "good stuff" and the "bad stuff"!