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I have high cholesterol even though fit and 5'9" 165, I was shocked when I found out, I thought if you were fit you did not have to worry.
same here. my cholo was borderline high for a couple years and i kept telling the doc that i could bring it down with dietary changes. this year, he said get a CT scan or go on meds.

i was shocked when the CT scan revealed significant whatever in my arteries, doubling my Framingham score from 8% to 16% (the chances i will have a major coronary event in the next 10 years). thought i was doing everything right - cardio every day for 20 years, eat lots of raw food daily etc etc.

vis a vis keto, i have eaten a keto diet (or close to it) for the last couple years....i am reasonably sure exacerbated my cholo with the keto. found all this out last week and became a pescatarian, right on the spot.

I thought the new thinking was the ratio of HDl to LDL was more important than total?